Lot #27

Dun Cielo

2005 Dun Stallion


We think Dun Cielo is a world class reining stallion.  We think Dun Cielo is a world class working cowhorse stallion.  We think he's a world class horse.  We simply do not have the energy to promote this kind of horse in Montana.  We owe him an apology, but that's just the way things are here.  We started Cielo last year, felt we were going to keep him forever and ever, started riding him again last spring, knew we would keep him forever, then just ran out of steam!  So, here's a nice young stallion for sale in Conrad, Montana.  He's had a dozen saddles, hopefully more by sale time, and rides like he's been in training for a year.  Cielo is a tremendous athlete, like all the Roosters, rides out like a seasoned veteran, and performs in the arena like a pro.  He has a natural stop, and has never had a spur or harsh bit.  He is ready for whatever activity you choose for him.  We feel he'd fit nicely for the serious performance breeders or be an outstanding ranch horse stallion.  14.3 hh  1130#