Thank you for your interest in our horses. We've kept only the best out of the best mares the past 15 years and our stallions are second to none, so every foal is top quality. The following three fillies are our offerings for 2010. Please click on photo or name for additional photo and pedigree.

Ebony is elegant!!!  She is very graceful and fluid in her movement, with the strong quickness of the Driftwood cow horse.  She'll have the boogie and style from Oakwood, and the pretty stability from her mother.  She is quiet and gentle, with just the right amount of inner strength to make her one of your best for a long time!

Frosted Jaden represents the best of the best out of the best from the Sunshine Ranch.  She has full brothers standing at stud, and her sisters are top using horses across the country.  She'll be strong, but pretty and athletic, with that stable inner quality we're all looking for in our saddle horses.  Jaden is quiet and gentle, with an all day horse attitude.

Here's Cajun Bar Girl!  She represents the classic Driftwood style, and why not?  Her pedigree traces eleven times to Driftwood through Double Drift, Driftwood Ike, and several daughters of the legendary ranch and rope horse sire.  This filly is very gentle and a pleasure to work with.  She'll add quality with  substance to your saddle horses and later in your mare bunch.

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