16 Sunshine Ranch Horses sold

August 31, 2014 at

The 17th Annual Montana Breeders Group Sale

14 were sold to repeat buyers of Sunshine Ranch Horses!

Montana Breeder's Group


2011 Bay Mare #5397444 Lot 55

sold to Durbin Creek Ranch,  Thermopolis, WY
“Coaster” is a beautiful young mare. We only rode her a few times, but she is quick, handy, and a smooth mover. Her full siblings have topped the Babbitt Ranch(AZ) sale twice the past few years. She has all the good Driftwood blood to make her one of your best, and a compliment to your ranch operation. Coaster is bred to Tikki Wood for her first foal in 2015.

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2002 Brown Mare #4225191 Lot 90

sold to Kevin McMullen, Portage, MB, Canada

In 2008 we sold Twilight and her sister, Annie, to our friend Nate Lupher of Mountain View, WY. Last year Nate was diagnosed with brain cancer, so we agreed to buy back the mares to help his family disperse his horses. These are good mares that were bred to a nice stallion. Sorry, but I don’t recall if we rode these mares or not, but they are gentle and nice to handle. Their foals will have that little extra that will make them good horses, and both carry the dilute gene to produce buckskins and palominos. It is mid June as I write this and Twilight has yet to foal. She will sell as a 3 in 1 package with a foal by her side by SMARKLES, and bred back to DVA MAXI DRIFTWOOD for her 2015 foal.

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2009 Sorrel Mare #5271764 Lot 41

sold to Leslie Thompson,  Melville, MT

“Cowgirl” has produced two top stud colts for us by AP Frosty Knight. She’s bred back to him for 2015, so help yourself. She has a very unique pedigree you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Ikes Bar Drifter has established himself as a top sire for the Babbitt Ranch in AZ. Cowgirl was lightly started by the Babbitt Ranch cowboys when we got her.

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2001Brown Mare #4058250 Lot 49

sold to Randy Dun,  Laramie,  WY
In 2008 Annie’s foal, a blue roan stud colt, topped our sale. He is a good producing stallion in northern Montana. All her colts have been good. She has a crackerjack filly by SMARKLES in this sale and is bred to DVA MAXI DRIFTWOOD for her 2015 foal.

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2008 Sorrel Mare #5158369 Lot 85

sold to George Erb,  Coffee Creek,  MT

“Merry” comes from the Cowan Ranch in Highmore, SD, who are known for their top rodeo horses across the west and southwestern U.S. We put 30 saddles on Merry when she was two, and she was a very nice saddle mare. She has a business man’s walk and a nice way of traveling. Merry had her first Tikki Wood foal this year and she’s a dandy. Bred to Tikki Wood for her 2015 foal.

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2001 Buckskin Mare #4058249 Lot 64

sold to Randy Dun,  Laramie,  WY

Molly was another one of those “keepers” that we were never going to sell, but………..? She is a full sister to Lane Harmon’s good gelding “Wally”. These mares by AP FROSTY KNIGHT out of the WAR CONCHO mares go places and do things. They have been our best horses, and many other ranches’ best horses, since we acquired them in the early 1990s. Please feel confident when you take an AP FROSTY KNIGHT horse home, you’re taking our best. Molly has a good DVA MAXI DRIFTWOOD filly in this sale, and is bred back the same way for 2015.

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2006 Bay Mare #4789135 Lot 86

sold to Chad and Hollie Kahnke, Florence, SD

Fiona is home raised and one of those we planned “never to sell”. She’s a full sister to my two top geldings and is gentle and kind. She’ll be one that visitors will pick out as a “good one”. One of our 4-H kids started her and rode her a few times, but we did not go on with her because we knew she was staying. She has a good filly in the sale by DVA MAXI DRIFTWOOD and is bred back to him for 2015.

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2007 Sorrel Mare #4996370 Lot 80

sold to Randy Dun,  Laramie, WY

Barrel racers please take note here, (PC FIRE N SMOAK has several top barrel performers in the barrel circuits). You men who need a good big horse will like her too. Ann had 30 saddles as a 3 yr old. You won’t find a smoother, better traveling mare. She’s kind and gentle and raises top of the line foals, like her Tikki Wood 2014 stud colt. Bred to Tikki Wood for her 2015 foal.

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Chestnut Stallion #5592460 05-10-2014 Lot 33

sold to Michael Robinson,  Augusta, MT

Speedy Man is a nice colt! He’s very clean made, with a slender neck on a good balanced frame. The AP FROSTY KNIGHT horses have been very good for us, and there won’t be many more. Good foot and bone here, but with refinement to look good underneath you. He’ll be quick and catty.



2014 Red Dun Stallion #5592462 04-23-2014 Lot 13

sold to Jolyn Mitchell,  Noxon, MT

This is Jaden’s first foal, and what a nice boy. We ride his mothers’ brothers and sisters for everything we can do horseback. They are quick, cowy, athletic, and good looking. We were sure this would be a nice match, and all indications are he will be one of those “Best in Montana” geldings.

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2014 Bay Filly #5592463 04-12-2014 Lot 87

sold to Chad and Hollie Kahnke, Florence, SD

Fiona always produces disposition. Braelyn will be gentle and kind, but will have spark and stamina for an all day job. If your outfit needs a good, solid all around cow horse ranch mare, consider Braelyn.



Black Filly #5592464 05-20-2014 Lot 2

sold to o Jim Fredericks,  Columbus, MT

Performance filly extraordinaire!! This little lady has boogie in her bones! And pretty as any picture you could paint. Her mother always produces horses that have a lot of style and class and her sire is a money earning cutting horse. She will be one you can build your program around.

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2014 Sorrel Mare #5592457 04-18-2014 Lot 84

sold to Randy Dun,  Laramie, WY

Aintshesumpin is a very attractive young lady. Very classy and stylish and moves like a cat. She’ll be gentle and kind, like her mother, and get strength and stamina from her sire. She should be one of those solid, dependable ranch mares. Double bred Sun Frost, YA HOOO!



2014 Sorrel Stallion #5592458 05-04-2014 Lot 79

Matt and Stacey Crabb,  Dupuyer, MT

If you ladies who run barrels like a nice gelding, consider this colt. Guys, if you like a big, smooth moving, good looking rascal, take a run at him. We can’t build a better one, and he’ll be sharp and snappy, but dependable. Montana made and a good one!



2014 Sorrel Stallion #5592459 04-23-2014 Lot 24

sold to Pat Bronec,  Geraldine, MT

Here’s a new deal at the Sunshine Ranch that we think is going to be real nice. Peppywood’s mother is smooth boogie machine. Her mother is DVA MAXI DRIFTWOOD’s sister. This colt is very inquisitive, quiet, and kind. But, if he’s anything like his mother, he’ll be a pleasure to ride. He’s well built, athletic, and strong. SUN FROST sire and dam for performance with stability.



2014 Bay Filly 04-22-2014 Lot 72

sold to Randy Dun,  Laramie,  WY

Made in Montana ranch mare. She’s strong, she’s attractive, she’s athletic, and she’s a nice girl! This mare line is very good. Many of the old timers said they were the best of the WAR CONCHOS. Her sire, Dave, will give her a lot of snap and boogie and her mother will lend the stability and durability.